Why Blog

The term "Blog" is a shortened form of the word weblog and refers to a specific variety of website where the content is provided in an ongoing series of dated entries. These entries, or posts, are typically displayed in reverse chronological order, bringing the latest content to the top of the webpage and making new material easy to identify. In addition to requiring little or no knowledge of HTML coding to produce, weblogs are designed to facilitate easy usage and frequent updating by the author(s).

Why Blog?

Reason #1 - Writing a blog keeps you current.

You'll want to know what's going on in the world before you start talking about it. Posting regularly to a blog encourages you to actively engage the process of information seeking and current awareness.

Reason #2 - Blogs are an advocacy tool.

If you want change, you have to talk about it. Blogs are a great forum, not only for exposing the world to issues, but also for thinking through your ideas and cultivating means of expressing them effectively.

Reason #3 - Blogs build community.

Some of you are probably thinking that no one will read what you have to say. As it turns out, no matter who you are and what you write about, there will be others who share your interests. You can, and probably will, meet people that you may not have met otherwise, becoming part of a very progressive segment of the community.

Reason #4 - You are unique.

Publishing a blog is an opportunity to demonstrate your individuality and thereby work to dispel some of those pervasive myths. Even if you don't think of yourself as unique and fear being redundant, your voice is yours and yours alone, so join the chorus.

Reason #5 - Do it for you.

Never discount the power of writing as catharsis.

Reason #6 - Promote your knowledge and work related interest.

If you like to write, blogging can be an easy way to promote your knowledge of business or industry and drive traffic to your blog, Facebook profile and friend sites.

There are many, many tools that help make it painless to write and publish your own content.

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