FAQ: ANR Intern Program

 How do I apply?

Apply here. Once you have filled out the application form, submit a copy of your resume and current unofficial transcript to hr@anrinterns.com in order to complete your application.

When do I apply? Are there cut off dates?

Apply as soon as possible. We do not have cut off dates, we are always accepting applications. We will begin recruiting for the 2018 program in September 2017.

What information needs to be included on the unofficial transcript?

Your unofficial transcripts must contain the following: University name, student name, courses already taken or currently enrolled in, and GPA. Unofficial transcripts are normally available online through the college or university website. If you are having problems finding or accessing your unofficial transcript, please contact your school’s career services department or your advisor for assistance.

How will I be notified if I was chosen for an internship placement?

The Intern Coordinator, is the point of contact for ANR’s internship program. They will notify students if they were submitted for an internship, called for an interview, or placed for an internship. Selected students will be contacted by phone.

What is the selection process?

Our client sends ANR an intern requisition. The requisition provides the criteria for that position such as major, class standing and work scope. Students are then screened against the intern requisition criteria. ANR selects several students for each requisition and those student’s applications and resumes are submitted to the client for review. The client reviews the applications and resumes, completes the interview process and then selects the student for the internship. Once the student has been selected by the client, ANR calls the student to extend the offer of employment.

What is the pay rate for summer internships?

The pay rates vary greatly depending upon what company you are assigned to, your major, class standing, previous work experience, and GPA.

Where are the internships located at?

Currently the internships are all located in Richland, WA on the Hanford Site.

What is Hanford?

Please follow this link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbd-xaYd4rs, it tells the Hanford Overview Story with a short clip, or read here http://www.hanford.gov/page.cfm/HanfordOverviewandHistory

What would the work scope of the internship be?

The internship work scopes vary greatly depending on company, department, major, and class standing. Please Contact ANR for examples of previous internships; including the work scopes.

Are internships only offered during summer?

ANR’s internship program is focused on summer internships, but we do have clients who offer internship opportunities throughout the year.

What is the possibility that an internship can be extended?

Some of our internships have been extended through the school year for previous interns. Extensions depend on the client’s ability to extend the learning opportunity, available funds in the project budget and intern job performance.

Is there assistance with housing during the internship?

ANR does not provide housing or funding for housing, however we are happy to assist students in finding temporary housing for the duration of their internship.

What can I do if I don’t meet the minimum qualifications of the program? Such as not meeting the minimum GPA, or full-time enrollment, US Citizenship?

We still encourage you to apply and we will review your information and make a decision based on your specific situation.

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